The Me I Will Be

I am almost who I fully am.

I am not All of Me as of yet

I still have a long way to go

but I am much closer to my destination than I once was.

While on my long traveled road to Who I Am

I have lost bits of Me, but I have gained even more

of The Me I Will Be. 

There is mourning for the Me that I have lost

but a vigorously anticipated awareness for the Me that I will become.

The Me that I lost was still in formation

and was maybe not lost

but rather transformed into a rough, partially formed clay

to would be molded by others

Those that were close

would Mold Me the most

That would wipe away past forms and irrevocably shape Me

That would add bit and pieces of the Clay that is Me

Those that would take away the Bad, Hardened Clay

To Smooth out my Edges, and make Me Soft

And those that would add Firm, Solid pieces of Clay

To make Me Strong and Unbreakable

The Me that Will Be is still to be

Molded, Shaped, and Formed

I am Art in Progress; critiqued and judged by All

But The Main Critic is and Will always Be Me

Who’s humble opinion is that this Me is Not fully Me

but I am almost The Me that I Will Be



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