Thunderstorms and Lightning Flashes

It starts with a clap of thunder. The smell, the ┬ásound of the drops gently dripping in the light rain, or the sound of pounding rain on the old metal overhang on the porch in my backyard when it’s coming down faster than the gutters can wash it away. The thunder as it booms through…

I am My Father’s Ghost

My fathers ghost haunts me.
I look in the mirror and I see him staring back at me.
I am the closest I have ever been to my father when I stare at my reflection.


Where everlasting freedom
Everlasting destruction
Awaits everyone and no one

Andaddy: Oh how time ticked by

Time. The slippery serpent had caught up. Its venom that had been working its wonders on my young mind, had finally taken its toll on my grandfathers aging, ailing body.

The Me I Will Be

…those that would add Firm, Solid pieces of Clay, To make Me Strong and Unbreakable